How it Works

Cashflow Pros is a fast growing community of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Our team consists of the best passive income investors with proven track records in wholesaling, flipping, and buy/hold strategies..

Our Goal Is Simple:
To provide the tools, resources, expertise, and community that is essential in becoming successful in growing a passive real estate portfolio.

We are a paid subscription service. Your access to the channels is limited if you are a free member.

Pro Member Benefits:

  • Live Weekly Group Mentoring With Tom Cruz – Question & Answer Session
  • Each Week A Random Pro Member Will Receive a Free 1 on 1 Coaching Session with Tom Cruz ($500 value)
  • Exclusive Full Length Weekly Passive Income Secrets Videos
  • Exclusive Monthly Giveaways – Free T-Shirts & Other Cashflow Pros Merchandise
  • 10% Discount – Cruz Course (coming soon)
  • 10% Discount – One on One Private Mentorship ($100/value)
  • Real Estate Deal Analysis and Advice
  • Premium Real Estate Contract Database
  • Pro Lounge – Unlocked Chat Room With Experienced Investors
  • Exclusive Username Color
  • Curated Education Resources
  • Premium Channel Access
  • Private Voice Channels – Launching March 202